The ANT research group works on two main areas of Fusion:

  • Technology for Fusion (T4F)
    Develops models for simulating:

    • liquid metal behavior,
    • tritium transport,
    • helium bubble movement, and
    • heat/mass transfer in fusion reactors.

They contribute to the EUROfusion project.

  • Plasma Physics for Fusion (PP4F)
    Focuses on two lines:

    1. Fusion Plasma: 
      Studies how to confine very hot plasma (the fuel for fusion reactions) using magnetic fields. They collaborate with existing fusion devices and ITER, a large international fusion project. Their research covers turbulence, MHD (MagnetoHydroDynamics), and control methods for plasma instabilities.
    2. Non-linear Plasma Physics: 
      Explores applications of plasma, such as:
      • MHD simulations for controlling instabilities in fusion reactors (e.g., using pellet injection).
      • Studying MHD behavior in stellarators (another type of fusion device).
      • Investigating interactions between energetic particles and instabilities.
      • Plasma propulsion for spacecraft using the dynamo effect (a self-generated magnetic field). We're developing a new simulation code based on OpenFOAM software.