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Seeking: engineers, doctoral, and postdoctoral researchers

ENPAI (UPC Barcelona) seeks engineers, doctoral, and postdoctoral researchers for 12-18 month positions in Experimental Nuclear Physics, Applications, and Instrumentation.

  • Engineers: Design, develop, and test novel detectors/instrumentation (Master's + engineering background).
  • Researchers: Conduct research, and develop new initiatives (PhD for postdoc, Master's for doctoral). Focus on neutron detection, (alpha,n) and (n, gamma) reactions, and detector development for n_TOF-CERN, and other experiments.

Strong research background, English fluency, and software/data analysis skills preferred. Competitive salary & benefits offered.

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Seeking: Electronic Engineer

ENPAI seeks an Electronics Engineer for 1-2 year contract to design, build, and test a digital processing/UI system for a novel light neutron dosimeter prototype for pulsed beam environments. Requires Master's in Electronics Eng., FPGA/processor/SoC expertise, and good English communication..

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ENPAI Deploys HENSA for Long-Term Background Study at Gran Sasso

The ENPAI research group at UPC uses HENSA, a high-efficiency neutron detector, to measure background levels at Gran Sasso National Lab. This long-term campaign aims to understand and minimize neutron interference in low-background experiments, crucial for research in particle physics, cosmology, and astrophysics.

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Técnico en electrónica (20h/sem)


  • FP Grado Superior en Mantenimiento electrónico o rama Electricidad y electrónica
  • Conocimientos en software de diseño de circuitos electrónicos, soldadura y equipos de taller electrónico


  • Soporte al taller-laboratorio electrónico del grupo ANT (UPC Barcelona)
  • Fabricación de pequeños prototipos de circuitos electrónicos

Duración: 1 año, prorrogable hasta 20 meses

Remuneración: 15.500€ /año en 14 pagas

Contacto: - 93 401 71 42

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Campaign to Measure Cosmic Ray Neutrons

The ENPAI research team, part of the Advanced Nuclear Technology (ANT) group at UPC Barcelona, is proud to announce a new campaign to measure neutrons generated by cosmic rays!
This innovative project utilizes the newly developed HENSA++ spectrometer, built by IFIC(CSIC, Valencia) and ENPAI (UPC). The campaign is a collaboration with the IAXO dark matter experiment team at the University of Zaragoza.
Key Points:
Two-week campaign to measure background neutron levels for the IAXO dark matter experiment.

HENSA++ spectrometer: State-of-the-art neutron detection system for high-efficiency measurements.
Two-phase approach: Outdoor measurements (started today!) to avoid interference, followed by indoor measurements to study wall influence.
Goal: Deeper understanding of cosmic ray neutrons and aiding IAXO experiment design and sensitivity.

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