Hiring: Several positions for ENPAI

Doctoral, Postdoctoral, and Engineer Positions in Experimental Nuclear Physics, Applications and Instrumentation

The ANT (Advanced Nuclear Technology) research group at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona, Spain, is offering multiple 12-18 month positions in Experimental Nuclear Physics, Applications, and Instrumentation (ENPAI).

Opportunities are available for:

  • Engineers: Contribute to design, development, and testing of novel detectors and instrumentation. A Master's degree in Engineering or a related field is required. Basic knowledge of electronics, mechanics, materials science, and data acquisition systems is preferred.
  • Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers: Conduct research within the ENPAI group, contributing to ongoing projects and potentially developing new research initiatives. A PhD in Physics, Engineering, or a related field is required for postdoctoral positions, while a Master's degree in the same fields is required for doctoral positions. Strong motivation and a proven track record of research and academic excellence are essential.

Research Focus:

The ENPAI research line focuses on experimental nuclear physics, applications, and instrumentation through high-impact research, including:

  • Neutron detection: Analyzing neutrons in nuclear reactions and decays, as well as in facilities with neutron presence, including proton-therapy facilities. This research involves developing and utilizing state-of-the-art detectors for tracking and analyzing neutrons in various environments.
  • (alpha, n) and (n, gamma) Reactions: Investigate reaction cross-sections and mechanisms using the n_TOF-CERN, and other facilities, with applications in nuclear reactor design and stellar nucleosynthesis.
  • Detector and instrumentation development: Designing, constructing, characterizing, and optimizing novel detectors and instrumentation for diverse applications in nuclear science and engineering. This includes the development of next-generation detectors for the n_TOF-CERN experimental areas EAR1, EAR2, and the Near Area, requiring basic knowledge in electronics, mechanics, materials science, and data acquisition systems.

    All Positions:

    • Strong motivation and a proven track record of research and academic excellence are required.
    • Proficiency in English (written and spoken) is essential.
    • Experience with scientific software, data analysis techniques, and relevant experimental methods (e.g., ionizing radiation detection, experimental work in research institutions, etc.) is highly desirable.

      Responsibilities (common to all roles):

      • Contribute to ongoing projects on neutron detection; (alpha, n) and (n. gamma) reactions; detector development for n_TOF and other experiments; and cross-section measurements.
      • Participate actively in research collaborations, data analysis, and scientific writing.
      • Assist with the development, maintenance, and characterization of experimental setups and instrumentation.
      • Prepare and present research findings at conferences and workshops.

        Additional Responsibilities (specific to role):

        • Engineers: Focus on design, development, and testing of detectors and instrumentation.
        • Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers: Conduct original research and be prepared to participate in competitive research grant proposals for  3-4 year research projects within the ANT group.


        • The opportunity to work in a dynamic and internationally recognized research group.
        • Participation in cutting-edge research projects with potential for high-impact publications and applications.
        • Access to state-of-the-art research facilities and instrumentation.
        • Competitive salary and benefits package (following Spanish standards for research positions).
        • Support and guidance in preparing competitive research grants.
        • Access to the Nuclear Engineering and Ionizing Radiation doctoral program (doctoral positions).

          Application Process:

          Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and a statement of research interests to Francisco Calvino

          Deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The number of positions is limited, therefore we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

          The ANT research group is committed to diversity and inclusion. We encourage applications from all qualified individuals.